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Island Thassos

Island Thassos
A dream in Greece

The island

Thassos is the northernmost and greenest Greek island, famous for its clean water and hospitality. It is located in the Aegean Sea only seven kilometers from the Macedonian mainland. There is a milder climate with mostly cloudless blue sky, dry air and pleasant 25 to 35 degrees in summer.
The summer heat of over 30 degrees is pleasantly bearable on the beach due to the characteristic summer north wind of the Aegean Sea. Summer lasts into October. Most of the time you can still swim in the sea and sit outside in the evening. Thassos offers stunningly beautiful beaches and paradise bays.

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Your arrival

Plane & Car

Arriving by plane: Thassos does not have its own airport, but the nearby Kavala Alexandros airport or Thessaloniki Makedonia airport on the Greek mainland can be reached directly from the German airports in Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart and Frankfurt from there take a ferry to the port of Thassos, Limenas.

Arriving by car: With your own car or a rental car you can use a ferry boat that brings you from the port of Keramoti ( every 45 minutes to Thassos.

Other locations

Beaches & Activities

Our beaches: Just 50 meters away, across from our exclusive hotel complex, is a quiet, secluded beach. There you can finally relax and let your mind wander. However, there are other popular beaches with restaurants and family-friendly water activities in the immediate vicinity:

  • Pachis Beach – approx. 800 m
  • Arriba Beach – approx. 1000 m
  • Skala Rachoniou Beach – approx. 1400 m

Shopping: Every Monday you can stroll through the weekly market in Prinos, approx. 4 km away, and be enchanted by regional specialties. There is also the possibility of shopping in the Latziuris supermarket, approx. 1 km away. This offers you a sales area of 2000 m² and is within walking distance.

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